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Writer, social media-type worker, bass player, gamer, activist. I read too much about Africa.

Surviving and Thriving: The Query Competitions

Preparing the Queries and Pitches: My Mad Dash Process Last March while preparing to start the first draft on my second novel, I heard about Pit Madness, the day-long Twitter pitch aimed at connecting authors with literary agents and publishers. … Continue reading

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The Writer’s Voice Competition

Plot Summary HUNTER GREEN is a completed 75,000 word thriller with supernatural and slow burn horror elements. It’s told from the dual perspective of a husband and a wife. When Professor Philip Reeves dreams, he vanishes. Instead of waking up … Continue reading

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Four questions for writers

I was asked to jump into this meme and now I’m going to thanks to Allison Thurman. I’ll return to edit this tomorrow- I need to ask a couple of writers if they’d like to do the same, and then … Continue reading

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A Slacktivist’s Guide to Effective Communication

Or “So you just watched the KONY 2012 video” Shawn Humphrey I did too, and may I add- good for you! I’m going to share some of my social media and communications wisdom with those of you who are all … Continue reading

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London Whinging

I found out some years after visiting London that my family emigrated from Croydon, a working class suburb south of the city. I’d like to see it some time, presuming it isn’t burned to the ground. Today we’ll be talking … Continue reading

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