Shawn Humphrey is a musician, hiker, traveler, and social media manager with a strong interest in Africa and human rights advocacy. Born in Flint, Michigan, Shawn started writing as a freelance music columnist for “The Flint Journal”, later branching into copy writing, editing, technical writing, and web development. “The Siege of Melilla” is his first published short story. The first draft of his first novel “Hunter Green” was completed in 2014.

He’s currently working on two additional novels. “The Story Diver” is a near-future thriller exploring perceptions of reality and identity in virtual worlds. In the alternate history tale “Lost in a Cold Clime,” a young African couple blog about their travel adventures, one from Turtle Island and the other from a dangerous hike into the heart of impoverished, war-torn Yurupa.

Shawn lives in a Maryland suburb of Washington D.C.


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